Monday, April 30, 2012

Mile a Minute

More like mile in 8 minutes and some change.

I'll get right to it. This is what I woke up to.

Getting at it on Monday. #wod

I don't even like running 600m, it's no secret that I don't like running nearly a mile even more. That's what was up for us this morning. 

At least there wasn't another run tacked on to the end of the wod like the last time.

Pretty straightforward today. I focused on my running form and breathing much more this time. I don't know if it was that or just that I'm getting back into better shape, but...

I made it back in the door in 8:19.

That's a full 1:40 faster than the last time I ran that distance. That was on March 24. Hmmmm... guess this CrossFit thing is working.

There was the row afterwards, however I have my PFA (physical fitness assessment) this week and my quads are still sore from Friday so I decided to take it easy. I rowed an easy 1000m.

Of course, once I get to work, I find that the test is rescheduled to the following week. Great.

On a side note... here's some shots from my weekend.

Finally some warm weather! Busted out the shorts today!
Finally summer weather! I busted out the shorts.

Sunday breakfast. Sweet potato hash with fried egg and bacon. #paleo
Yummy paleo breakfast of sweet potato hash, bacon, and eggs.

Seafood fest! Mussels in spicy red sauce and sautéed shrimp. Home cooked #grain #free (not quite #paleo) goodness.
And a not quite so paleo dinner. Mussels and shmrip on a spicy red sauce. Homemade goodness.

This little angel is Hoku and she comes home on Friday. Can't contain my excitement.
Check out her blog Put a Corgi In It and follow her on twitter @HokuBear

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