Monday, April 9, 2012

My WOD in Pictures

So today I had to be at work early... 0630. That meant I couldn't get my usual 0600 class. I hate that. I debated going for an evening class, then found out that I had been tasked to attend another meeting tomorrow morning. So again, no class. What's worse, I have no idea where the place for the meeting is. So now instead of an evening class, I had to go an scope out where this joint was. (I hate being late for things and I have a horrible sense of direction, scoping the place out was a must.)

After two days off (one of which was my first cheat day since sticking to paleo... it was an amazing aka the best brunch i've ever been to kinda cheat... I didn't feel bad), but I knew that I needed to do something.

So I came up with this to do at home:



150 of these


Followed by 150 of these


Finally, 150 of these


I don't own an abmat, so I improvised with a towel instead


How it turned out in the end...

Originally, I was going to do two rounds. Boy was that ambitious! I knew right away there weren't going to be two rounds. I almost visited pukie in the middle of the sit-ups!

Crossfit people are crazy... who else would think of a workout like that for themselves??

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