Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Shoesday

Not really, cause I didn't buy any new shoes, but I did get to wear my Chucks to the box again this week! I love working out in my Chucks. Don't ask why... I don't know, I just do. Like it makes me feel cool or something. Which I, most assuredly, am not.

Anyways, deadlifts today so definitely a Chuck Taylor kind of day. One of these days I'll do my shoe post, but for know just know that I do all my heavy/OLY lifts in my Chucks. They feel the most stable. Wwwaaaayyyyy better than running/generic athletic shoes. If you still lift in your running shoes, better go barefoot. You don't know the power you're missing out on. Then go get you some flat shoes pronto!

On to today's WOD!


DEADLIFTS! I heart deadlifts. They make me feel strong. Maybe it's because I'm short and the weight doesn't have to travel as far, I don't know. I like them... almost as much as I like cleans.

This looks like a short workout, but I did a fair amount of "warm-up" sets of 5 reps before Laura (my personal training nazi) would let me move on to 4 reps, much less 3. Even when Laura isn't coaching, she's still the little voice in the back of my head telling me "that looks a bit light for you" or "that was too easy, add more weight." Heh. It helps, I lift more than I think I can with her urgance.

At the end, I topped out and hit my 1RM at 180#!!

I was super stoked. I thought it would have been somewhere around the 150# range. Considering that the heaviest I've gone in a metcon has been 95# and even that has sucked at times. Maybe I'm short changing myself? I'll have to find out the next time DL shows it's face in a metcon.

Here was the road to 180#:
5 reps: 95, 105, 110, 115
4 reps: 125, 135, 145
3 reps: 155
2 reps: 165
1 rep: 170, 175, 180

And then my hands were nice and tore up from the knurling. I used a mixed grip, but it still sucks. DLs tear my hands up more than pullups I think. So at lunch I went and replenished my supply of hand lotion to keep in my work drawer and cuticle cream (not so much for my torn hand, but my not-so-awesome cuticles).

Post deadlift hand treatment.

Ahhhhh. Much better now.

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