Thursday, April 26, 2012

From Russia With Love... and a new PR!

Today was a bit of fun. We got to play with kettlebells for the entire class. Well, at least the part that came after the warmup.

#kettlebell fun this morning. #wod

I was actually pretty stoked about this workout, it sounded like fun. At the end, I thought it was fun... except one part. That was when I lost a bit of focus, banged the kb off my thigh on the way up and then almost whacked myself in the head with the thing. 

That would not have been enjoyable.

I am pretty happy with myself for being able to complete this using the 25# kb. A month ago, I was using the 25# kb in wods that required both hands. Now, one handed... yeah, I'm awesome. Not really. Still happy that I was successful today. 

Granted, I did have to stop a couple time and grab a small bit of chalk. 

Am I the only person that uses chalk for pretty much everything that involves lifting/swinging something?

Maybe it's just that my hands get sweaty when gripping the kb. I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one who used chalk today. Maybe I'm just becoming a chalk whore. Maybe it's because chalk just makes me feel stronger. Whatever, I lifted a decent weight with it today. 

My time: 9:20

After the wod, I still had some extra time and decided that I would do some deadlifting. The last time I pr'd I had already done over 35 reps. This time I worked my way up only doing 5 reps total. I had already gotten a pretty good warmup with all the kb work.

So with Laura watching and urging me on (and to make sure that I didn't have crappy form) I got up 195#!

 I really wanted to try another at 200# but Laura and I both new that while I most likely would have gotten the weight up, my form would have gone to crap and I would have lifted that too much with my back. 

I'll give it a couple weeks and see what happens. 

That it for now folks!


  1. you are not alone. i, too, am a chalk whore.


    1. Good to know that I'm not the only one!

      And congratulations, you're a winner!! You are my first ever comment (and I'm pretty sure possibly the only person that comes by and reads this thing). You get, idunno, a high five!


  2. i would like to be called the high five champion

    *waves to crowd*