Monday, April 2, 2012

60 BURPEES! ahhhhh!

Woke up this morning and checked online, going down the list of exercises in the WOD wasn't too bad... until I saw 60 burpees. Finish that off with a 700m row. It was good until that point and likewise during the WOD, I was good until that point.

Here's what we had.

Who's up for some burpees this morning? #wod #crossfit

I actually like HSPU, except that I feel like I'm ruining the back of my shoes from scraping up and down the wall. Everything else was going good. I'm still kipping well using the blue band. I even managed to get through all 40 KBS unbroken. The last 10 took a slight bit of mental fortitude though. Situps are definitely one of my least favorite exercises, always have been and my college experience with them didn't help at all. The whole time I was just dreading those burpees though. And I mean dreading.

The last time I did any where near as many burpees, I was doing 12.1 from the Open. I did 84 in 7 minutes and I was dragging myself off the ground. Now, I was supposed to do 2/3 of that workout and hopefully do it faster... this all after running around before hand.


Double ugh.

I usually don't mind burpees. I'm not the tallest person, so I seemingly have an advantage when doing them. Today, I hate every last one of them. By 30, I was exhausted. I was lucky to be getting 5 burpees every 30 secs. I started them right at about 7 minutes in and didn't get done until sometime after 12 minutes. FML.

The row was slow going afterwards as well. I was huffing and puffing and just doing my damndest to keep below 30 s/m with a pace better than 2:30/500m. What I would give to have some leg extensions for rowing.

All in all it was over in less than 20 minutes. Thank goodness.

My time: 16:16

**On a very important side note** to me at least. This past weekend I got my first EVER pullup!!!!! Can you see the ginormous grin on my face?! Seriously, this is HUGE.

Granted it took me a kip and and extra kick about 3/4 of the way up, but my chin got over that bar and that's what counts.

HOORAY!!! Check that one off the life goal list. It really was a life goal... I have always sucked at pullups. Since forever.

Now, to work on better kipping rythm and eventually a strict pullup.

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