Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back at the Box

Finally no early morning meetings! That meant that I could get back to the box this morning. I took yesterday, which I feel guilty about but the afternoon's timings just didn't leave room for a WOD. Oh well, I'm not going to let it bother me... back at the grind today!

Back at the box this morning. Getting today's #wod on. #crossfit

I looked at this and thought that it wouldn't be that bad. After all, it's only 10 minutes. Oh boy was I wrong!!

Considering that your arms were in basically the same postion the whole time (while also trying to hang on to some weight), you get pretty tired quickly. I thought that I was gonna be able to knock out 10 rounds. Seemed pretty good and the first round went quickly.

Then it was like WHAM! I hit a huge wall. That 20# ball felt like 50# and I had to use a lot of energy just to lift up the 25# KB I was using for the step ups.

And it wasn't because I had to take a day off... everyone else was sucking wind too.

In the end: 6 rounds + 4 ball slams

That's not quite 10 rounds. Whatever. It's cool.

For today's side note: See those 3 warm-up rounds? Where there are DUs?

I managed to get the last round unbroken. Yeah! I'm happy about that. It's only the second time I've done that many consecutive DUs. Through practicing I have learned that I am much worse at them, when I'm tired, lazy, and not concentrating on form. When that happens, I don't jump as high, jump with poor form, and forget to use my wrists. Still making progress though... I'm happy.

Second side note: It's National Sibling Day (it's either today or yesterday, there are conflicting reports). Anyways, here's a tribute to me and my sister.

Apparently I missed this yesterday but better late than never. Love you sister (most of the time)

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