Monday, October 29, 2012


I always get excited to head into the box. Even though there is definitely less excitement for wods with running and rowing... and burpee pullups. Today was one of those days that I literally couldn't wait to wake up and get started.

Here's what we had:

Gettin' after it on Monday. #wod #crossfit

I was a little worried about the Rx weight. It was right on the edge of my comfort zone for that many reps. I debated going down a little bit to something I was more confident in, but 155 felt good during warmups, so I stuck with it. I knew that I wouldn't be able to get through all the reps unbroken, but I was okay with that. At least the kb swings I could push through.

I managed to get through the first 10 deadlifts unbroken, but had to halve the reps until I got down to reps of 4 and 2. Most importantly, I kept good form the whole time. I know what it's like to have a sore back from deadlifts and I didn't want that to happen again.

The kb swings went fine and I did manage all those unbroken. It's all in the hips. If it were just arms, those would have been singles. With hips, they were doable.

My time: 4:49 Rx

I'm glad that there was a prescribed weight for this wod. It made me push myself farther than I would have done without it. With no weight listed, I probably would have stuck with something in the bodyweight range. By going out of my comfort zone, I found that I can do more than I think. I was really proud after that.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Time

Went into the box this morning thinking I was going to be doing some squats... turns out that I was going to be doing some deadlifts instead. Good thing that I opted to still were pants. Today was even the first wod for my coworker Alexis. Yay for new people!!

Strength and metcon. Love it. #wod #crossfit

Part one: The Deadlift Complex
Warm up set: 10 reps @ 115
5x3: 145-160-170-180-185

I felt good throughout the whole progression, even at the top. I almost opted to do 180 twice, but then I thought just a little more, so I went with 185. That's a new 3 rep max for me. My last was 180. Breaking barriers, that's crossfit for you. 

Part two: The Metcon
I was pretty excited to do this. Box jumps and pullups, some of my favorite moves besides the OLY lifts. I even had another breakthrough during this. For the longest time, I have been trying to speed up my box jumps. They were ok, I just couldn't bounce from the bottom. I always had to jump up and step down in order to jump again. Today, unexpectedly and without even thinking about it, I was doing it. I realized in the middle of the first 21 reps. It was such a cool feeling.

Not gonna lie though, air squats after box jumps were not the easiest to complete. The first round I had to do them in sets of 5. The only round that I was able to complete all the way through unbroken was the round of 9. Even though I had to keep repeating in my head "don't let go of the bar" over and over again to get through it.

My time: 5:53!

Yeah!! Two awesome days in a row. I wonder what tomorrow has to offer?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Back Again

Sorry for the absence. My sister visited for a week and things were just busy. Like getting home exhausted every night busy. I think I need a vacation from her vacation here.

Anyways, on to today's workout.

Here's what was on the menu. I was actually a bit excited to do this.

Mondays are fun! #wod #crossfit

Mind you, that does only say 1 round. Not 7, that's just the way some people write. Going into it, I figured about 15 minutes to finish this. My goal was to get through every thing unbroken, but I had a feeling that 25 bag slams was just not gonna happen after the KBS. I was right. I went unbroken until 15 bag slams, then I had to take a break get some blood back in my arms. Managed the pushups in sets of 5, hand release of course.

Then... BURPEES!!!

Holy cow. Those hurt. It's only 15 right? Wrong! It felt like 100. I just kept thinking "don't stop" the whole time. They were very slow at the end.

Now to finish with TGU. Those are tough because you want to go quickly, but at the same time you can't because you could hurt yourself easily. I don't know about you, but a face full of kettlebell in the morning is not something I want.

Stayed strong and guess what? Blew my hypothetical time out of the water!

My time: 9:47!

I was pretty proud of this. At the end, I could see the clock and I was concentrating on not stopping. I was stoked at that time. Especially after the mini-wod warm up that we did. That was tough!

Back at it again tomorrow. We'll see how many people show up. It was packed this morning. I counted 22 as we went out for the warmup jog. Never though I'd see that in the morning. It's awesome!

Here's some shots of my past couple weeks.

Sister time!!!
Enjoying the company of my sister.

Stuck in a traffic jam in Autopia.
Of course we hit up Disneyland.

Another #crossfit right of passage: scored my first hand rips this morning.
Crossfit right of passage: my first hand rips.

Need to go back here. Playing with the rays at SeaWorld.
Played with some rays at SeaWorld.

Nap time. #corgi #corgistagram #puppy
Hoku got tired and had to take a nap.

Our "Usual Suspects" from the morning class. It was Bryan's last #wod before moving back to OC. Good luck dude!
Bryan's last wod at CFEV. Gonna miss you!!