Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Time

Went into the box this morning thinking I was going to be doing some squats... turns out that I was going to be doing some deadlifts instead. Good thing that I opted to still were pants. Today was even the first wod for my coworker Alexis. Yay for new people!!

Strength and metcon. Love it. #wod #crossfit

Part one: The Deadlift Complex
Warm up set: 10 reps @ 115
5x3: 145-160-170-180-185

I felt good throughout the whole progression, even at the top. I almost opted to do 180 twice, but then I thought just a little more, so I went with 185. That's a new 3 rep max for me. My last was 180. Breaking barriers, that's crossfit for you. 

Part two: The Metcon
I was pretty excited to do this. Box jumps and pullups, some of my favorite moves besides the OLY lifts. I even had another breakthrough during this. For the longest time, I have been trying to speed up my box jumps. They were ok, I just couldn't bounce from the bottom. I always had to jump up and step down in order to jump again. Today, unexpectedly and without even thinking about it, I was doing it. I realized in the middle of the first 21 reps. It was such a cool feeling.

Not gonna lie though, air squats after box jumps were not the easiest to complete. The first round I had to do them in sets of 5. The only round that I was able to complete all the way through unbroken was the round of 9. Even though I had to keep repeating in my head "don't let go of the bar" over and over again to get through it.

My time: 5:53!

Yeah!! Two awesome days in a row. I wonder what tomorrow has to offer?

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