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I'm Kana. I grew up in the beautiful sunshine of Hawaii. Ever since I was a young girl, I have always been active and loved being outdoors. Softball and volleyball were my favorite sports growing up, along with some swimming and surfing (of course!).

Now, I'm not that tall (5 feet on a good day), so by the time I got to high school volleyball was pretty much just for fun. I did stick with my first love, softball and play all four years on the varsity team. I also added in another dynamic. Wait for it... yep. I was a band geek. Can you guess what instrument I play? The flute. Marching band, wind ensemble, symphony. You name it and I did it. And yes, there was band camp. And NO! it's not like in the movie!

I went to college where I played softball and rugby. Rugby is awesome by the way, football is like rugby for wimps. Pretty much the same thing, you still get tackled, but you aren't wearing any pads. Who does all that in college? Someone who goes to a school where athletic participation is mandatory and there is even a bi-annual fitness test given! What school does that? Maybe you can figure it out... the tag line goes something like "50,000 apply. 1,200 are accepted. Only the best survive." Yeah, we have our own movie (though it's only about 5% accurate).

After graduation, life was all set up for me. I got to move back to Hawaii and I had a really good job with great benefits. The downside was, I hardly got any time for myself because I was so tired after work everyday and then I had to go these 7-month long "cruises" to the Arabian Gulf. That meant that athletics and fitness pretty much went out the window.

Gone were the days of playing softball every day. I was lucky enough to sneak in a some games on the weekends with my church league, but that could hardly be called a fitness regimen. A few surf sessions here and there didn't make that much of a difference. While I never gained a lot of weight, without all that activity I could only watch as what was once muscle, turned into flab.

I felt horrible. I tried going to the gym, but I could never get into a solid routine. I'd go for a few weeks, then I'd get bored and stop going. That process repeated a few times until it eventually just stopped altogether.

The big change came after I moved to San Diego. In January, a high school friend who is a trainer in Colorado told me about Crossfit. She assured me that I would love it. I was skeptical. Not of the because of the workouts, but because I imagined it filled with these brutal, impersonal, aloof people. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Every single person I have met through Crossfit and at CFEV have been nothing except extremely welcoming, supportive, and encouraging. 

I began attending classes in February 2012 and never looked back. Come along with me and Crossfit as it changes my life for the better.

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