Thursday, April 5, 2012

I got run over

Not really, but I feel like it. Last week, I was thinking that I was feeling pretty good after WODs and stuff. This week has been like WHAMMY! I feel like I got hit by a train or something. It was triggered by the squats, which I was happy to do. Then carried on by the following day's thrusters. Which were then capped off today with some push press. I wonder what's on the menu for tomorrow?

Side note: Today was the first time that I had to tape my wrist for a WOD. They have been hurting a bit from the front squats and thrusters. Honetly, last time we did thrusters, I felt like I could get more weight up, but was afraid that during the transition my wrist would give out. I learned a new way to hold the bar that helps A LOT (thanks Drew!), but I still taped today for a more stable feel.

Here's what we had.

It was a long 25 minutes. #wod #crossfit

At first glance, I was like ok... that doesn't sound to bad. We were encouraged to go "HEAVY" as was posted, especially with the rest time built into the WOD.

Hmmm... heavy. I usually use the 25# kb for metcons. Too bad there isn't one at 30#. All right, I went with the 35#. Then settled on the same weight as yesterday for the push press: 53#. I could have gone with 55#, but I wanted the bumpers on just in case I had to drop. (I didn't but there were definitely times when I wanted to.)

I got through my first few rounds quickly and without any problems. I didn't feel horrible or anything.

That was until I looked at the clock... only 2:15 had gone by! There were more than 20 mins left in this AMRAP! Holy sh*t is what I was thinking. I need to slow down a bit or I'll be down for the count by 15 mins.

Somewhere around 15 mins into the WOD, I got tired. The KBS weren't the problem. They were tiring but doable (never enjoyable), even at the 35# weight. The push press on the other hand. I taped my right wrist before starting and good thing, but both wrists were not happy about all this overhead stuff. I got through the 10 KBS in about 20 secs each round. Then prolly spent another 20 secs staring at the bar working up the courage to pick the damn thing up. Eventually, it was all over.

25 min AMRAP: 17 rounds.

I'm going to keep going with the tape for a bit for anything front squat or OH related. In the mean time, gonna get some wrist strength building going on.

Oh yeah, I was the only chick there today. Where was everyone at? Not that I'm intimidated at all... just saying.

I saw this during my lunch break yesterday and got a laugh.

Can't believe everything you read in mags. That is most definitely not an OH squat in the April issue of Men's Fitness. Get a trainer. Learn it right, not from a piece of paper.

Apparently, I have been doing my OH squat wrong this whole time. Along with every other person at my box and countless others across the country. Maybe we should bring in a Men's Fitness journalist who can teach us properly. (I guess the people that work at these magazines aren't actually into fitness or they would never have let this happen.) As seen in the April issue. Check it out and get a good laugh.

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