Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Fun

My theory is now confirmed. Every other Friday at the box is a partner WOD day. Not that I'm complaining... I like partner WODs.

Except when they include something that I consider a weakness. Which today of course, did. Rowing.

I'm not a super fast rower. I would like to be, but I'm not. I'm only 5'0 on a good day. I just don't have the pull that everyone else does. Not for lack of trying, I am constantly working on my form (I've watched all the videos from CF Journal and gotten tips from people at my box), but I'm not there yet. Granted, I am better than when I started. I row much more efficiently now, but I know there's more in me.

Here's what we had.

Friday fun partner #wod! TGIF peeps.

Row and run. Great. I hope that Hillary doesn't shoot me for taking so long ;)

I opted to row first because I know I'm the weaker one at it. I kept a decent pace... 2:11/500m @ ~28 spm. My fastest 500m is 2:09 so I was happy with this. Took a bit to push out that last 200m but got the work done. Hillary cheered me on as well, which helped.

The run wasn't anything horrible, at least no super stinky odors emanating from the homeless dude that camps out by the box entrance. One time I ran by and almost gagged it was so bad. I would hold my breath, but I can't afford not to breath during any sort of running activity.

Back inside for my turn at man makers and KTE. We opted for the 12# dumbells since essentially it was only 10 total man makers. Tough, but doable.

KTE? huh... not my favorite. These I did one at a time, but was able to get my knees up every time. I need to work on kipping this.

Beforehand, we decided that we would split up the plank into 30 sec intervals a person. If you've ever done plank, you know that 30 seconds can seem like forever! Hillary was still rowing so I started the plank and knocked out a min and a half (thank goodness we could change positions!).

Our time: 17:25

Now it's time for the weekend!

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