Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fun and last night's dinner!

Today I completed my second week of pulling myself out of bed at 5 am everyday (except weekend, obviously) to get my butt whipped at the box. I mean that literally because with DU practice, I really am getting my butt whipped... I have the lashes to prove it!

Looking back at my workout log, I've come to the realization that we do partner WODs every other week. Cool, I like partner WODs. I think I push myself just a tiny bit harder when I know someone else is depending on my performance. Although, sometimes I feel bad. I'm just not as fast a runner and rower as others. Working on that though, but it's not instant perfection. More like slow and steady progress.

Anyways... here we are for today.

Hooray for Friday partner #wod! Getting in work all week long.

There were three girls in class this morning. Myself, Hillary, and Melissa (first time meeting! yay! I love new people.) so we all grouped together. They rowed while I did the air squats and manmakers.

If you don't know, manmakers "make a man out of you" or so they say. I've done them once before and didn't think they were entirely awful... but at that time I didn't complete a whole week of mostly shoulder work as well. It's essentially a pushup-dumbell row-dumbell thruster all put together. Christa makes it look much easier than it is during the WOD. I'm also sure I don't look as pretty as her doing it either.

Hillary and I grabbed a set of 12# db and 10# db. After this week's work, 12# was optimistic, but I would try any way and see how it felt. Yeah, that only lasted for the first round... the other two were with the lighter weight and I still had to do a little push press motion to get them up by the end.

My shoulders will definitely thank me when this week is over. On the bright side no running around the block! Ha!

3 rounds: 17:18

Not bad. That's less than 6 minutes for a total round and about 3 minutes per person for a round. Sounds about right because I timed my second bout of manmakers and those took me about 2 minutes to get through. And props to Melissa who worked hard the whole time too! She's awesome.

On to other things... dinner last night.

AMAZING. seriously. Breakfast for dinner can't get better than this.

Ok, maybe it can, but only with more bacon!

Here's a look before I devoured the whole plate.

I saw this on Nom Nom Paleo earlier this week and it looked soooo good, but I was still finishing some kinda-sorta-paleo sinigang I had. Finally, yesterday while debating what to do for dinner and realizing that I hadn't defrosted any meat, I remembered the sweet potatoes I had and this recipe popped back in my mind. Perfect.

I don't own a food processor (this recipe is reason number 5,342 that I need to get one) so I put the sweet potato in my little food chopper instead. Worked for me.

I seasoned the sweet potato with whatever was in my cupboard: garlic salt and pepper, paprika, and dried ground cilantro. Then, I chopped up some bacon (cause bacon goes with EVERYTHING) and sauteed onions. Threw in the potatoes and let them cook and fried a couple eggs.

While I was doing this I remembered the asparus that had been chillin in my fridge all week as well. Into the oven that went with some olive oil, salt, and pepper.

When it was all cooked and plated, I held back long enough to take a quick picture then stuffed my face.

I mean really... I stuffed my face. There wasn't anything left afterwards.

And it made me feel like a superstar in the kitchen... which I, most certainly, am not.

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