Thursday, March 29, 2012

Scared? Me?

Um... yeah, a little today actually.

This picture came to mind.

Here's today's WOD (sorry, I forgot to take a picture):

Thrusters 2-2-2-2-2
Go heavier each time with plenty of rest in between

I don't know what it is about thrusters that just makes me feel a little shaky. I get excited about every other lift, except really this one. I think it's because I have too much time at the top to think about what I'm doing and what is (in theory) supposed to happen.

Squat down. Press overhead.

Seems simple enough, right? Except that while I'm standing there at the top waiting to start the squat, I'm thinking all these things. "What if I get stuck at the bottom? What if I don't use my momentum to get the weight up? My wrists hurt, my shoulders ache." Ggggaaaahhhh!!!! I drive myself nuts sometimes. Eventually, I would get over my fear, take a deep breath and bust out a rep.

It wasn't always pretty. I meant to go until failure and with Laura coaching today, there wasn't another option. (She's always convinced that I can lift more, which is a good thing because usually she's right). My final two reps were at 90#. It went up once, but not the second time and I had to ditch the bar. After her encouragement, I took a rest and finally pushed that last rep out.

I'm not gonna lie, every time I walked up to the bar for another round, I was scared. My shoulders still ached from the push presses earlier this week and I had lashed myself pretty good practicing double unders during warmup. Seriously, I looked in the mirror afterwards and my behind is not pretty.

Ultimately though, I learned to not listen to the voice of fear. I didn't get to 95# like I wanted to, but that's ok. I'm impressed with what I got up. Maybe later this week, I'll try 95# again after my arms have had some rest.

Until then, I'll be washing my hair upside down until I can lift my arms over my head again.

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