Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Mark

We started off today's class with Mark announcing that this would be his last morning class because he's getting ready to move to Portland, OR. Wait... what? When did this come about? No more torturous mornings? But I like your torturous mornings! Sadly (for CFEV) but great for Mark, he just got hired by Nike as a Social Media Correspondent. I don't really know what that job entails, but it just sounds awesome. We were all sad to see him go, but happy that he's taking advantage of this amazing opportunity. Good luck Mark! You're gonna send free stuff back to us right? ha!

So to celebrate, he left us with this parting gift that he thought up for this morning:

27mar WOD

Um... you did know that we did push press yesterday right?! Ugh, here we go again. On the bright side, at least it wasn't straigt press.

Those 10 secs of rest in between rounds were nothing. Barely time to put the bar down and then you had to get ready to pick it back up again! On most things I averaged about 5-7 reps per round. Mostly because I was getting set when the time started again, by the time I started doing reps we were usually about 4-5 secs into the round. Only the ball slams and box jumps I was able to start reps on time.

You know what though????


You should congratulate me or something.

I know that doing things Rx'd isn't everything, but I was happy that I could get through these weights. It lets me know that I am progressing further every time I walk into the box. It lets me know that I'm becoming stronger. And that is what gets me out of bed every morning at 5 am to get my butt kicked. It feels good. Emotionally and physically. Well, maybe it doesn't always physically feel good, but you know what I mean.

From my first Foundations class to my first Rx WOD. Thanks Mark!

Bye Mark!

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