Saturday, March 24, 2012


Apparently, days off from work equals days forgetting to post my WODs. Here's the backlog from the past couple of days. Even though I haven't had work, I still got my butt out of bed at 5 am in order to keep up with my regular 6 am class. That's some dedication in my book!

Here's Thursday. Not too bad, mostly a WOD to get a 1RM for clean:
22mar WOD

My weight progression and chalk logging on the mat:
Clean reps

I know I started really light, but that's 55 reps when you add everything up. I didn't want to burn myself out too early.

Clean 1RM: 80#

I tried to get 85# up twice, but didn't make it. Oh well, something else to add to the list of goals. Luckily during the DU warmup I didn't whip my legs too bad. I can't wait for Rx Jump Ropes to open up their San Diego store! I figure if I get properly sized for a rope, it'll make the DUs that much better. I can't quite get them sequential right now, more like every other. Practice makes perfect!

Now here's Friday:
23mar WOD

I woke up to my alarm and checked the website... that was what I saw. I seriously almost rolled over and went back to sleep. I blogged earlier this week about my aversion to running and that was only 600m! This was a whole mile. Not just once either, twice! I couldn't let it get in my way though. I pulled myself up and went in. I set a goal of finishing in under 40 minutes. I'm not a very fast runner, especially when I don't specifically train for it. Ugh, was a dreading getting started.

Off we went and yep, I got lapped by a couple of the guys. No matter, at least I was still trucking along. Finished the first mile right at 10:00 and got to the rowing. My pace was pretty much 2:30/500m, not a very good time, but I was consistent and that's the best pace that I could keep without burning out. Got that done at was out the door for the last mile at 21:15. Oh boy, my
quads were not happy to be running again. After a lap (a mile is 5 laps around the block) they seemed to be ok again and I was focused on just keeping one foot moving in front of the other. By the time I got three laps done, I was the only one still running. I had my goal to meet and I was doing my darndest to beat it. Pushing myself for those last two laps and back in the door. Finished. At last.

My time: 30:34!!!

Yes! Ok, so yeah. I was the slowest... but I exceeded my goal of 40 minutes. And the even better part? My second mile was faster than my first! I was shocked. So glad that I got up and pushed myself this morning. It was definitely worth it, even if this wasn't my favorite WOD to see on the board.

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