Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Get it!

That's what today's WOD was called... Get It.

This #wod didn't look so bad on the board... once I got stared it was hell.

Doesn't look that bad, right? That's what I thought too. WRONG! After starting, it was like hell. You don't really notice how quad intensive flutter kicks and burpees are until you have 75 walking lunges to do afterwards. My legs were all sorts of shaky by the time I made it on to the lunges.

My lunges, instead of being something like lunge. step. lunge. step. were more of lunge. stand. step. lunge. stand. step.

On the bright side, the 25 pullups were I piece of cake. Probably because nothing else involved arms except the wall balls during warmup. I strung 15 kipping pullups together (yeah, still with the blue band). I was pretty proud of that. Brings me a step closer to eventually getting off the band. Which I did try, by the way, after the WOD was over. Nope... only got about half way up. So much for thinking I was some kind of cool.

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