Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hump Day Blues

I despise running. There was a reason that I played sports like softball and volleyball growing up. No long distance running. At one point during a summer, some coaches tried to recruit me to the high school team as a goalie (really? who wants a 5 foot nothing goalie?). I asked them how much they ran during practice... 1 mile warmup then everything else. No thanks! My short legs just don't like to go fast and I hate when people yell "stride it out!" How far to you think these things go? 5 foot nothing remember? They don't stride far at all!

I had some hump day blues this morning. I didn't want to wake up. Add to it the fact that I checked my phone and saw 600m runs in there, now I really didn't want to get up. Still, some sort of workout guilt/CF addiction pulled me up and into the car. When I got there, everyone else was feeling the hump day blues too. At least I wasn't alone.

Here's what we had:

21mar WOD

I went a little light on the deadlifts: 75#. I wanted to be able to get through them unbroken. That weight was just right. I was tired at the end and really had to push through, but my sets were unbroken.

Then two laps around the block. This part I hate. It's uphill on the first leg. Not a ginormous hill, but enough that you can feel it. I felt like I was dragging a$$. I pushed myself, but the laps still seemed to take forever. I wanted to get in four complete rounds. I knew after the first run that wasn't going to happen. Ok, at least three and some then.

I didn't wuss out to the green band on pullups. I decided that I needed to put my kipping practice into play and would try to kip with the blue band. Success! The first round I managed to string 5 kips together and the second round 8 kips! That's a record for me. I haven't quite got the rythm down yet and I usually look like I'm doing some awkward flailing motion. The third round I got two sets of 5 kips in. Yeah, I'm still using the band but this is the best it's been for me ever. Ever. In my life. I'm pretty sure I was smiling when it happened.

Final tally for 20 min AMRAP: 3 rounds + 10 dealifts + 300m

Almost the four rounds I wanted.

On a side note... I love spaghetti. It's one of my go-to-favorite-comfort-food type meals. I was very distraught when I learned that Paleo/Primal eating doesn't support wheat. There goes spaghetti. A sad, sad day. My body feels so much better since I've begun I mostly Paleo diet that I'm not giving up on it. Then I discovered a solution: Spagetti Squash! You bake it and string it and voila! spaghetti noodles. I admit, they are a little crunchier and sweeter than pasta noodles, but they were good. I love it! Spaghetti is back in rotation!

Paleo spaghetti
You can't even tell those aren't pasta noodles!

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