Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Burpees, Bells, and Balls

The first thing I do in the mornings after my alarm goes off, is take a peek at the wod on the CFEV website. This morning I was having particular difficulty... then when my eyes focused a tad bit more, I realized why. They changed the website last night!!! I wasn't even clicking in the right spot on my iPhone. Check out the new site... I think it's pretty badass.

When I finally focused enough to find the wod on the site, here's what I saw.

It was harder than it looks. 35lb kb and 20lb ball. My arms are still shaking. #wod

Didn't look so horrible, but I have a particular dislike for wods that increase in reps throughout. I find it mentally more taxing to keep thinking that I have more reps to go than I completed.

The burpees in this wod were killer. I was struggling by the middle of the second round. Silly me, I also went heavy (not like Laura was gonna let me go light anyway). The kb swings weren't horrible with the 35lb bell. The ball slams sucked with the 20lb ball though. I was barely going in sets of five by the last round and a couple times almost dropped the thing on my head. Thankfully, that didn't happen.

In the end...

My time: 12:20 (35lb kb, 20lb ball)

At least I didn't have to run around anywhere!

On a side note, here's my dinner and it was super delicious!!

Umm yeah. That would be homemade #paleo butter chicken with cauli-rice. Nom nom nom.
Homemade paleo butter chicken with cauli-rice. Mmm.

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