Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just Breathe

Who doesn't want to start their day off with some burpees?! I bet you do! 120 of them to be exact.

Oh and while you do them, you have to keep count... not only of the burpees, but of your recovery breaths too!

I'm good at math, just not first thing in the morning and not when I'm more focused on pulling myself off the ground for who knows how long.

#burpees anyone? That's 120 of them if you're counting. #wod

I was trying to breathe as slowly and deeply as possible to catch my breath and give myself some rest time. The problem with that though is that the lack of oxygen got my a little bit dizzy and that was still the beginning. 

Midway through I ended up losing count a bit. I may have done the "13" rounds twice, not quite sure. 

By the last rounds I was just trying to breathe as deeply as possible before starting again. It was tough. I was able to keep up decent form throughout though. I didn't end up resorting to the complete peel off the ground motion. 

I still can't believe some people did more than 120 burpees in 7 minutes during 12.1, that's insane. It took me almost 12 minutes with those breaks built in and I definitely wasn't "breathing" for 5 minutes.

But then again 7 minutes of burpees is insane and I don't plan on using that as a benchmark any time soon.

Have you signed up for Memorial Day Murph yet? I have. See you out there!

On a side note, grilled tonight. I love grill night. I have a new found love of zucchini because of grill night.

Grill night! Veggies, steak, and pork. #paleo goodness.
My plate. Steak, pork, and veggies. Can't get any better.

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