Thursday, May 10, 2012

PFA time!

No CrossFit yesterday, I had to rest up.

It comes along twice a year and it is once again time... the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA). One of those things you have to do when you're in the military. I don't know who decided that some pushups, sit-ups, and a 1.5 mile run accurately assess your fitness, but hey, I'm sure someone gets paid a lot of money to figure this crap out.

Lately, due to the whole problem of being on a ship and not really doing anything that helped my metabolic conditioning, my scores have tanked. Nothing super horrible, but definitely nothing to be proud of.

Enter CrossFit.

My approach this time was to treat it like a WOD. This is how it would look if it were a WOD.

2 min AMRAP: situps
2 min rest
2 min AMRAP: pushups
5 min rest
1.5 mile run for time

Not bad huh?

I did:
92 situps (101 is max score)
46 pushups (46 is max score)
13:00 run

Since starting CrossFit, I added 12 sit-ups and cut nearly a minute off my run time. I'd say this stuff works.

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