Monday, May 14, 2012

Get Ready

After a beautiful weekend here in San Diego, I was not ready for the week to start. I wanted to keep lounging around and enjoying the sunshine with Hoku. Unfortunately, at 4:45am I was reminded of reality when my alarm sounded.

Back to the grind, here we go.

Back to work Monday and first strict pullup ever!! Yeah baby. #wod #crossfit

Today was my first time using the bag instead of the ball and I must say... I prefer the ball. That little bounce at the end makes a huge difference. My forearms were burning by the end of the WOD. It took a lot to keep the sets unbroken and still get a decent run. I ended up digging pretty deep in the end to push for that last run up the block. 

My time: 12:55 (15# kb/20# bag)

On a side note... some shots from my weekend.

Good morning momz. #corgi
I spent Friday afternoon cuddling up to this cutie.

Char siu sammy from Asian Persuasion food truck @ Asian Cultural Festival.
Paleo cheat: char siu sammy from the Asian Persuasion food truck at the Asian Cultural Fest.

Sweet potato, apple, spinach and sausage hash for breakfast. #paleo
Sunday breakfast: Paleo sweet potato hash.

#paleo slow cooker carnitas for dinner. Soooo delicious.
Dinner tonight: Paleo crockpot carnitas. Mmmmm.


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