Monday, May 7, 2012

Raise 'em up!

What a way to start the week off... two things that don't really tickle my fancy: overhead squats and WODs where you're constantly in the same position.

This is what was waiting for us at the box today.

Workin hard on a Monday! #wod

So basically, you're arms are going to be in the overhead position for 20 minutes straight. Yay!!!  not really. Who gets really excited about that? You must be a freak. (No harm intended).

I went light. As in the 15kg bar. Really. I'm a little embarrassed about that, but I needed to be able to use my arms the rest of the day. Hey, at least I stuck with the 25lb plate for the lunges!

I'm thankful for staying at that weight. 15 reps is a lot for OHS and then you don't even get to rest afterwards because your arms are again over your head trying to keep the plate from bouncing off your noggin. 

Thank goodness my Rogue Wrist Wraps came in this weekend. I put those babies to good use today.

I had to really focus towards the end of the AMRAP. As I got tired, I started to go more on the balls of my feet instead pushing through my heels. I'll take less numbers for better form. No sense getting lazy in here.

In the end: 8 rounds

And that was moving until the very last second too. 

On a side note... how awesome was Chris Spealler's performance this weekend at Regionals? Freaking amazing!!!! I'm so excited that he'll again be at the Games. I'm gonna get to see him in action. Can't wait! If you haven't yet, check out the Games site and watch the videos. There are so many inspirational athletes. 

And here's some shots from my weekend.

My baby bear is home. This little ball of love is Hoku. #corgi
Picked this little cutie up on Friday. She's such a darling.

Good morning errybodyz!!
It's worth it to wake up early for this face.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with some #paleo spaghetti.
Celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some paleo spaghetti (and a cheat burrito earlier in the day).

Sunday kitchen time. Cooking for this week. Here's a peek: sausage egg muffins and sautéed asparagus with broccoli. #paleo fun!
Then prepped food for the week. 

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