Tuesday, September 4, 2012


So my friend Lea has me acting as a sort of guinea pig in doing the Whole30 program. She wants to see what the results are and possibly do this as the next challenge for her box. Yay me. 

Here are the basics on the program. I won't go into too much detail. You can read for yourself or ask me questions.

The big tenets are:

1. No sugar. That includes honey, agave, the sugar that's in store bought bacon (bet you didn't know that!)
2. No alcohol. Not even for cooking.
3. No grains whatsoever.
4. No legumes.
5. No dairy. The exception is clarified butter or ghee (which is damn near impossible to find unless you order online and pay an arm and a leg for shipping.)
6. No MSG.
7. No white potatoes.

And no paleo-fying desserts or junk food choices. So long chocolate zucchini bread. 

Right now, I'm just about to finish the second day. It hasn't been too bad. The things that I miss the most are my post-wod protein shake, which has now been replaced by a post-wod meal of salmon/chicken with sweet potato. Also, my coconut milk creamer. Today, I drank my coffee black, not horrible. Tomorrow, I'm going to try it with some refrigerated pure coconut milk and see how that goes.

Only 28 more days to go!

Some shots from the weekend.

Some crazy lady came up with this torturous event. We finished though!! #wod #crossfit
This was our crazy Labor Day wod. Yeah...

6am wod team!!
My team (missing Carlos)

Mahalo @rissmoore10 for the board. Super stoked! Good luck in the future, keep up the work girl! Wish I was home to have met you, but thanks to my awesome dad for biting the bullet on this one and picking it up. Must have been so hard.
I bought a 8'0 fun board from Carissa Moore. If you don't know who she is then we can't be friends.
So jealous my dad got to meet her to pick it up.

Whole30 day 1. Lunchtime. Ultimate tuna salad. #paleo
Whole30 lunch. Ultimate tuna salad.

If I couldz just reach a little more... #corgi #corgistagram #puppy
Someone wishes she was just a little taller.

The pit of black coffee. I miss my creamer already. #whole30
The pit of black coffee.

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