Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fun and Cravings!!!

For the third (count it THIRD) time this week I woke up to see overhead squats. I guess someone knows how much we all dread these and yet how badly we need to work on them.

Here's what we had:

Friday fun. #wod #crossfit

Shoulder killer.

Like yesterday, I decided to do this wod at 65lbs. Even though most of the guys were using 75lbs. Can't get stronger if you don't push yourself right? I figure if I could do Fran at 65lbs, then I should be able to do this. My goal was 15 minutes.

I didn't expect do finish any of the sets unbroken. I didn't. The most OHS I did unbroken were 10. After that it was all mostly by 5 and 6. A couple times I didn't make the lift and had to ditch. Once a got a rhythm going I could usually get to at least 5. Hint... OHS is much easier if you go down all the way. Don't short change yourself and just go part way, you're not benefitting from the lift and it will be harder.

After holding that bar up for all those reps, HSPU were not the easiest. I can usually do about 10 at a time. Ha! Today, I was averaging 5 and even that was tough. 

Unfortunately, I didn't make my goal of 15 minutes... sad face.

My time: 16:23

Oh well. Good effort.

In a Whole30 update, I am having the worst cravings today!! Every time that I pass some fast food joint, kitchen, farmers market I get a whiff of all the smells and it's driving me nuts!! Nothing specific, but just everything smells good all over the place. It's going to be a long rest of the month. 

Anyways, here's some of my food for the day.

Followed by post-wod moms of chicken and butternut squash. #whole30 #paleo
Post-wod fuel of chicken and butternut squash.

Breakfast for days!! Mexican quiche! #paleo #whole30
Breakfast was a mexican quiche that I cooked last night.

My lunch @ Urban Chicken. Perfectly whole30 friendly. Love to see good food eating out.
Lunch from Urban Chicken. Free range roasted chicken with organic grilled veggies and salad.

Whole30 day 5. Dinner. Chicken and veggie stir fry. #paleo
Dinner was chicken stir fry that I made up off the top of my head. Tasty!

p.s. I got my bushwoman brows taken care of today by Brenda of Browtastik. If anyone is the SD area needs a recommendation let me know. She is awesome!!

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