Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Busy Wednesday

In case one workout wasn't enough... I decided to do two today.

Here's how I started the day off:

Early morning #wod fun. Now off to run a 5k!

Well... almost. I decided to sub GHD sit-ups for the goblet squats. Still undecided whether that was a good idea or not.

The kettlebell swings were fine enough (I used 35lbs). The first round I managed unbroken. The second and third rounds I did 15/15.

The GHD sit-ups on the other hand... The most that I could do at one time was 5! Mostly because I got soooo dizzy going up and down. I tried closing my eyes, looking at only one spot, every time I still got dizzy. By the end, I was doing 1 or 2 at a time. Anyone got some tips?

Pushups were pushups. After killing my chest and shoulders on those though, the pull-ups were not just pull-ups. The most I ended up getting unbroken today was 7. That's not usually like me. Huh...

My time: 16:26 (my goal was under 15:00)

On to the next event.

I ran the POW/MIA 5K with a couple other girls in my office. It was a good time. A LOT of people showed up, almost 2000. However, that made for a slightly crowded run, an entertaining one though. Never once did I wonder how far we had to go, we just kept going.

I wish I could say that I felt great during the whole thing, but sadly no. After about mile 2, I was dragging a bit. Didn't help that due to the amount of people, you were always dodging people and the beginning was egregiously slow, even for me.

We crossed in 31 something. There was a clock but so many people that I couldn't see it. Oh well. The point of the race, was to honor the POWs and MIAs. And that, we did.

My shirt for the POW/MIA 5k. This is post run, so pardon the sweat.
My shirt from the run that I made. Commemorating my grandfather who spent over 3 years as a POW in Korea. My hero.

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