Monday, September 17, 2012

Oh the troubles...

No wod today. So sad. Unfortunately, my car spent the weekend at the shop so I couldn't make it to the box this morning. It will be there until tomorrow afternoon, so no wod tomorrow either. I feel so lost and unproductive without my workout!! Can't wait until Wednesday, when I can get back there. I hope nothing happens tomorrow that interferes with that. 

In good news, I made it through a record heat weekend at Disneyland and stayed Whole30 compliant!!! Granted, I may have a bit more than the recommended servings of fruit and nuts, but stayed away from all the other fatty, bad for you goodness while I was there. 

Trust me, it took every once of willpower that I had. Being as hot as it was (100+ deg) and watching everyone else walking around with ice cream cones and frozen lemonade... it was like torture! I did make it through though. Albeit with some weird looks from servers when I asked for a plain burger with extra veggies but no ketchup or mustard. 

I even learned something! That when it's really hot and I'm spending time outside, I crave coke. The real Coca-cola, not the drug! For some reason I just want a huge gulp of the sweet, fizzy goodness. Ugh. That was the worst craving I've had to manage these two weeks so far. 

As much as I hate to admit it either, I know that I was better off spending so much time walking and standing in the heat for not indulging in those sugar cravings. I even saw a teenager who passed out waiting in line from the heat. What did she have in her cup? Coke! I, instead, was guzzling water from my Camelbak all day. And I do mean, ALL DAY. 

There'll be another opportunity for Disney when my sister visits at the end of the month. You can bet that there will be some indulgences during that trip. Hopefully the weather cools off a bit by then!

The waiting game to ride Radiator Springs Racers. Over an hour. Woo!
During the 2-hour wait for Radiator Springs Racers. Worth it for the new ride.

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