Thursday, September 20, 2012

Forgetful me...

So I forgot to post yesterday's workout. Bummer too, because I really enjoyed it (or as much as you can enjoy a wod while it's going on). I felt that it was right up my alley.

Here's what was on the menu:

Back at the box. Doing my thing. #wod #crossfit

Yay for me! Short rowing distance, followed by strength skills. I live for these. They are not always kind to me though.

My goal was to be under 15:00 minutes. I figured that was reasonable considering it was five rounds, I definitely expected to be slowing down on the C&J and pushups by the last rounds.

The rows felt good. It was a good distance because I could keep good form and still feel like I was rowing with the pack. Usually for me to even kinda sorta keep up with everyone else and not feel like a total loser, I pretty much have to go buck wild on the thing. Not my style. Each of my row splits was about 1:01. Couldn't break the 1 min barrier but I tried.

The C&J went flying by, especially in the first round. I did 5 straight with one arm and then switched so I could avoid putting the kettlebell down unnesassarily. It worked out. I did slow a bit by round 3, but not too significantly.

The pushups went fine in the early stages and sucked a lot by the end. In the last round, I couldn't even do 5 unbroken. My arms would just not lock out at the top. Boo. Still...

My time: 11:00! Woo. Smoked my goal.

Now, fast forward to this morning and this moderately confusing thing.

Late post of today's #wod. Much harder than it looked. #crossfit

Once explained it was simple enough. Do all the front squats each round, then do all the push press for that round. The goal is to not put the barbell down until you've completed all five rounds. Seemed not bad. For the first three rounds it wasn't. Then the fourth round started and it was like I hit a wall. After the front squats I had to drop the bar. I just couldn't seem to inch it forward enough to grip it for the push press. Down it went. I finished the 4 push press and the last round with another try.

Active rest was to jog a lap around the block and then get ready to start again when you were ready. Here we go... same result. I felt great through the third round, then just couldn't keep the bar up anymore. I mean, sure I could have stood there in the front rack position for a while, but that wasn't going to help my arms let the bar roll forward to press it any easier.

In the end, it turned out to be a much tougher wod than I anticipated. I guess that's my fault for underestimating those two lifts.

On a side note: Whole30 day 18 is almost over. Things are winding down, only a week left. I'll be ending after 25 days, instead of 30. My sister will be in town to visit and I would hate for her to miss out on some of the truly great San Diego and SoCal offerings because of me. This is only her second trip to SoCal ever in her life, so might as well get some In-n-Out and mexican in there. Oh and another trip to Disney, where this time, I will be indulging a bit.

Whole30 day 17. Dinner. Green chile taco meatballs with chipotle tomato sauce and avocado salsa over greens. Mmmm.
Dinner last night. A new fave. Green chile chipotle taco meatballs. 

Conquered the 30in box during warmups. Next up: plates! #crossfit
And a new PR!! I cleared the 30in box today!! Woo. Big things happenin'.

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