Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kickin' it in the Kitchen

My kitchen is taking over my life.

But first today's wod.

This wasn't as easy as at looked. #wod  #crossfit

Don't mind the numbers 1 and 2. We had to split things up a little different because it was a big class. So my rounds went push press - burpees - k2e. No biggie.

I did this at 65lbs. I thought that maybe I could get the first round unbroken. Nope. Had to take a breath at 15 presses. I tried, just couldn't. Burpees didn't happen either. On the k2e, I made 10, then 5, then the last 6. By the last round I was sucking some major wind. This wod was just killer on my shoulders. The hardest part of the burpees was lifting your chest off the ground. 

My time: 9:48

Squeezed it in under 10 minutes. I'll take that.

Now... about that kitchen stuff.

Since starting the Whole30, I've spent most of my hours off of work either at the grocery store or in the kitchen.

Not to say that I didn't prepare. I just didn't prepare enough. Then plans changed and things happen. Tonight I finally got a good handle on things. The key is prep early. Even if not cooking until a later time, at least cut the veggies, marinate the meat early. Then when it's time, you just have to throw it all in the pot.

Last night, I was so exhausted cooking. Tonight I felt efficient. I cut the butternut squash during lunch, then just had to throw it in the oven later. While the pork chops were marinating, I cut the veggies I needed for the quiche I was cooking also. Then after dinner, I browned the hamburger and finished the quiche. Only an extra half hour in the kitchen tonight.


Whole30 day 4. Dinner. Mediterranean porkchops with roasted garlic butternut squash and cucumber. See @kainoe808 I ate a cucumber!
My plate tonight: Mediterranean pork chops with garlic roasted butternut squash and cucumber.

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