Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Leap Day!

It was soooooo hard to pull myself out of bed this morning. I definitely hit the snooze button and then had to move quicker in order to leave the house on time. I seriously felt like I had only been asleep for five minutes.. maybe. Anyways, made it to the box on time and this is what was waiting for me:

Leap day WOD.

Seemed simple and I was a bit glad because I am still sore from Monday's WOD. I've been walking around looking bow-legged because my legs still hurt from all the nonsense. On a side note, they changed Monday's WOD length from 3 down to 2 rounds for the afternoon classes... wusses. Haha.
I know I'm new, but I'm going to accept some credit for being one of three people to finish the full 3 rounds in the morning class.

Anyways, back to today. I attempted kipping for the firs time today. I felt like and must have looked like a retard, but practice makes perfect and one day it'll come. The whole thing took me 10:10 to finish. Some of that was attributed to pull-ups awkwardness. It sucks feeling like I could have done a little better, but this is only my third real class. I'm planning on coming in over the weekend to find my 1RM for all the lifts so I have an idea of what to use for the WODs and to work on my form for ring dips and kipping pull-ups.

In these two weeks though, I've seen improvements and my body overall (aside from the soreness which while it sucks sometimes, is a good thing) feels much better.

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