Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Foundations II (and my new worst enemy)

Had my second foundations class this morning. There was one other guy with me, named Gary, and our trainer was Jess. She was hilarious and taught the basic concepts while keeping us laughing and feeling good about what we are getting ourselves into. We reviewed the squats from FI and then learned the presses.

Day 2
Shoulder press
Push press
Push jerk
Split jerk

Not as quad intensive as FI, but don't worry... today's WOD took care of that.

Foundations II WOD 15FEB12:

For time:
Box jumps
200m run

My time: 12:33

I did my thrusters with the 23# bar, which is a piece of cake for the first ten then not so much. During the last 9 reps, the bar definitely felt like it weighed double as much.

Now... about those box jumps. I am not a tall person and I don't have the best vertical. That box covers 1/3 of my height. The look on my face when we brought them out was not one of enthusiasm. It definitely takes a little momentum for me to get up there and the first 21 took what seemed like forever. Gary had already finished his first run by the time I was done with my first jumps. Luckily, Jess and Mark were very encouraging. Up and down I jumped. Finally getting to 21... great! only two more rounds to go...

The last run up the street was the worst. Thank goodness I paced my breathing and could keep my legs moving. There was one pick up me along the way... coming around the corner I almost got smacked by a guy walking his bulldog. At least the dog was cute and I got a quick pet as I recomposed myself to keep running.

At the end of the morning, I'm still alive. Sore, but alive. And I found what I hate most in life: box jumps.

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