Monday, February 13, 2012

Foundations I

Yesterday was my first actual CF experience: Foundation I, the intro into the CF world. The class consisted of myself and two others, Sergio (who has no shame in letting the place know that he's here to get rid of his "chicken" arms) and Maggie, a former runner.

Our trainer, Mark, got us started. It was a fairly uncomplicated lesson. Since I have some lifting experience from my softball and rugby training days I knew each of the lifts we learned.

Day 1
Air squat
Front Squat
Overhead Squat
Rowing technique

After practicing each of the moves, we went over to the rowing machines and did our first WOD (Workout of the Day):

5 rounds for time: 250m row, 10 burpees

I'm not gonna lie, I'm all of five foot nothing on a good day. That does not make for the best rower and I felt like I was working twice as hard to keep up with Maggie and Sergio, but I could catch them on burpees. That was my savior. I felt good for the first two rounds. Then I started sucking major wind for the last half of the burpees each round. I could knock out five no problem, but those last five I was peeling myself off the floor. Mark and another trainer were there cheering us on. Cheering might not be the best word... more like constructively egging us on. At one point I chuckled a bit and was sternly told, "if you're smiling, you're not working hard enough!" Ain't that the truth. Final time: 10:49. I finished second after Sergio. Ugh and I was damn tired. This is going to hurt tomorrow.

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