Monday, August 27, 2012

Honey, I'm Home!

I never really left actually, just took a break. I am glad to say though, that I have a new outlook and I hope that the break leads to a change for the better. If you missed it, I added a page up at the top (wrote it a while back and never got always kinda chickened out about posting it) that details a little bit about me, in a roundabout kinda way. I like that. It's like a puzzle. Can you figure it out?

To catch you up real quick, since going on hiatus:

I traveled home to Hawaii and got in some good WODs at my sister's box, Crossfit Waipio.

I participated in the 31 Heroes WOD. That was a beast! I hit set new PRs in C&J (110) and Snatch (70).

 I finally bought a wetsuit and braved the cold California waters for some surf.

 Hoku graduated from Puppy Preschool with flying colors!

I can do unassisted kipping pullups for *all* the WODs (at least the ones we've done).

I totally fell off the paleo wagon in Hawaii and am trying to get back on it.

I complete Fran for the first time ever and did it Rx'd.

I started using Beyond the Whiteboard to track my results.

 My dad and I reconciled. He even came to visit me in SD.

You could say that I've been a busy body or you could say that I haven't. Either way, I felt busy! On to the WOD! Here's what we had today:

Back at on Monday. #wod #crossfit
Fun yeah? I thought so.

My first reaction when I saw this was "huh... it's so short." That looks like a lot of stuff to do in 12 minutes. It sure felt like an eternity during it though.

It took me almost twice as long to do the step-ups as it took me to do everything else COMBINED! Those were killer. It didn't help that I couldn't really see over the kettlebell to know where the box edge was. I definitely almost fell a couple times. The first round I got through unbroken, but the rest I had to break into 10/5/5. It was hard getting up there for those last few reps. Everything else wasn't so bad. I used the swings to try and catch my breath and get ready for the next round of step-ups. That approach kind of worked... until I got more and more tired.

My result: 4 rounds + 10 (25 lbs)

My goal was 4 rounds. It took a lot to keep stepping onto that box in the final seconds. Even though my back was to the clock, I knew it was counting down. I just gritted my teeth and tried to keep moving and not drop the weight. My legs are going to be feeling this one later today. Thank goodness for some fish oil!

On a side note, here's some pics of what's been going on.

Reppin' Crossfit Waipio during the WOD today.

Tandem SUP at home with my sis.

The "after" picture from 31 Heroes.

My dad chowing down on some fresh uni at the Little Italy Mercato.

My little graduate!

She may love my dad, but she still hates the water!

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