Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Super fun!

It's bedtime already... but I really enjoyed the wod this morning, so I need to make sure I record it.

Here's what got me excited last night when I saw it:

Good times this morning. #wod #crossfit
Isn't that just awesome looking?

I thought so! Even though I have said many times before that I hate rowing. I do hate it, but if it's less than 2000 meters, then I feel like it's doable at a decent pace for me. My only gripe from this was that male and female Rx weight was 45lbs. I mean, come on guys... if I can have to get 45lbs up 50 times, you should do at least 65lbs! <end rant> I still love my fellow dudes anyways.

The row was a little weird for me today. The first 200m felt like nothing, but the last 300m of both 500m splits felt like it took FOREVER. I was able to keep about a 2:05/500m pace for the whole distance while keeping my stroke count around 24 s/m. I was happy with that, still the last girl off the rower though. Grr!! What else can I do? Any tips? Seriously! I'm like the world's worst rower!

Moving on, I had made the decision beforehand to split the 50 thrusters into sets of 10. That seemed doable. I had a tiny inkling in the beginning to just keep going and push it out. I'm glad I thought better than that. I would have died doing that. 45lbs isn't a lot of weight, but those last 10 reps felt like 100lbs!

By the time I got to the pullups, both my arms and legs felt like jello. And like I said a couple days ago, I'm not using bands for pull-ups anymore. With my arms already like jello, I really wish that I had a band. I had to really concentrate on my kipping form to keep the rhythm and get all the way over the bar each time. JLaw is like a hawk watching and she WILL no rep you if you don't get over. I broke those into sets of 5.

My goal before this was finishing in under 12 minutes. How'd I do?

11:40 Rx

Just squeaked it in there!

On a side note, a couple weeks ago I finally caved and got a pair of the Reebok OLY Lifters. Then this week they come out with the ones you can design yourself. I have the worst timing ever. Whatever, I like my charged green ones.

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