Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fun!

Got up early to wod this morning with the 6 am crew (and I didn't even have to go to work today!). What can I say? I love those guys!

Although, I did cringe a little when I saw this:

Friday Fun at 6 am. Didn't even have to work today either! #wod  #crossfit

That's a lot of running and rowing... even for two people. 

The game plan that Oscar and I made up was to start with the running. That's our weakest element, then the pull-ups to rest our legs a bit before the row. We would do the sit-ups and goblet squats last. The run we would do relay style in single lap (one lap around the block is 300m) increments. The pull-ups in sets of 5, rowing in 500m splits, sit-ups in sets of 25 and goblet squats in sets of 10. 

Naturally, that's not how it really worked out, but I think what we did ended up suiting us better. 

The run we did as planned, which went really well because you were rested after each lap and could go all out every time. Because I started the running, while I waited for Oscar to finish his last lap, I got set up for the pull-ups. When he finished, I was able to immediately start and knocked out 15, then Oscar picked it up and did what he could. I ended up doing more but I'm stronger at them then he is so it worked out. While I finished the pull-ups, he got ready for the rowing. Since he's stronger at that he pulled more of the weight for rowing. Sad face, but I'm just not a great rower. I felt kinda bad. Oh well. While he finished that, I moved over to the sit-ups and got ready, so that while Oscar was resting from the rowing, I just busted out the as many sit-ups as I could then we switched. It worked the same way for the goblet squats too.

Our end result: 36:04

We were even the first to finish! And we're not the fast people by any means. I was extremely proud of our performance. And it shows how far we both have come since starting Crossfit. It was awesome.

On a side note, check out some of the awesome surf in IB from yesterday.

SUP dude representing in IB.

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