Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Monday!

Hey there.

I'll keep it short and sweet today. Here's what we had.

Happy Monday!! #crossfit #wod

I was happy to see cleans. We hadn't done them in a while... and I was happy to see power cleans. I didn't feel like squatting all that way. We had a good warm-up session and I finally settled on loading the bar with 70lbs. 

I felt good throughout the first few rounds. By halfway, I felt a bit tired but still strong. I was taking slightly longer breaks between the rounds. My first few cleans were good, but I had to really concentrate on the last two. Those were the hardest to get out. 

In the end: 9 rounds

I wanted 10, but it didn't happen. I was happy enough to be doing cleans. 

On a side note, some shots from my weekend.

Took Hoku to the Loews Surf Dog Competition down the road from my house!

Shots from yesterday. World record for the most dogs (and a human) surfing on a single board. #dogs #surf #imperialbeach
World record for most dogs (and human) surfing at one time.

Noticed this nice lash mark putting my hair up. Damn those double unders. #crossfit
This nice lash was from double unders on Friday.

Breakfast today. I'm calling this black forest pancakes. Non-paleo choc chip pancakes with paleo cherry jam on top. Waaayy better than anything at Ihop!
Sunday breakfast... "Black Forest Pancakes" non-paleo choc chip pancakes with paleo cherry jam. 
Mmmm good.

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