Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy (Belated) Birthday!!

Missed a few days again... sorry!!! Somedays just get busy you know? I've actually spent most of that time in the kitchen. I'm gritting my teeth and making a wholehearted attempt at zoning my meals. I had a few too many cheats during the past week and am trying to get back on track. I've tried (not very hard) in the past, but I'm always intimidated by the amount of measuring. Plus, I cook a lot of things that are complex (paleo spaghetti, beef stew, etc). How do you figure out zone portions for that? Nevertheless, here I go. So far my first full day is going well. Hopefully this time it will last and maybe I'll see some differences.

Anyways, on to the WOD.

Nothing like some deadlifts and box jumps to get your heart pumping in the morning.

I was excited to see this. I have a new fondness for box jumps. Don't ask why, I just started to like them. Weird. Whatever. And who doesn't love deadlifts? The only thing I didn't like about this WOD was that the reps increased. That just takes a toll on you mentally. Time to grit and bear it.

I loaded the bar and got ready to work. The first 10 DLs were good, but I knew by the end of that set that I wouldn't be able to do the next set unbroken. That was fine with me, I was using decent weight. The second set went by 10's and the last set by 5's. I had to concentrate really hard at the end on not sacrificing form. I kept wanting to pull with my back instead of my legs. I did on a couple and I can feel it in my back now. Not so enjoyable. 

My time: 9:09

On a side note, I celebrated my birthday on Saturday. Great day! It was a little ugly out, but still made the best of it. It was better than being on deployment last year for sure!

Here's some shots.

Round 2: chefs seafood special.
Pre-birthday dinner. It's not paleo, but it was gooooddddd.

Round 1: oysters with shrimp and spinach.
And of course some oysters. Yum!

My birthday present! It's awesome.

German choc cupcake
Celebratory German Chocolate Cupcake. 

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