Thursday, June 14, 2012

Keep it UP!

And I don't mean just working hard, I mean literally... keep it up! The barbell that is. Don't want to be dropping that stuff on your noggin. Which I almost did once. Stress the almost, but I didn't.

Here's today's good time.

Almost forgot today's #wod. #crossfit

I woke up ten minutes late today and saw this. Definitely didn't motivate me to get out of bed any faster. I hate OHS. Yes, there are other moves that I'm not so fond of, but OHS is the one thing that I really just don't get excited for. Not one bit. 


If you want to get better, you gotta practice. And that includes the things you don't like. Like OHS.

I set up 65lbs. I knew that was going to be tough. Especially having to clean the weight from the floor. That's just more stuff to get you tired and take more time. I knew with the weight and still having some aches from earlier in the week, that I would not be blazing through this WOD at all. Not that I blaze through any WODs. I was going to focus on form and take my time to get it right. 

I stuck to that plan. Just like yesterday, the first round went unbroken. The next two rounds the OHS went by fives and the TTB went by as many as I could do at a time (usually ~4). I still have no rhythm on TTB, but I was able to steady myself faster and not take so much time between each rep. I call that improvement. 

My time: 12:09 @ 65lbs

On a side note, day three of zoning is going well. I'm going to need to explore some more things this weekend I think. I can see how this would get really monotonous after a bit. Hopefully, I'll see some results. My plan right now is to see where I stand after a whole month. 

Day 3 of zoning. Here's my 2 block breakfast. Chicken and cherries. Surprisingly good combo! #paleo
Here was breakfast: chicken and cherries. Yum!

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